Bid Writing service

Bid Writing Services

What is a bid writing service?

Outsourced Bid Writing Services provide professional Bid Writers, Bid Managers and Bid Administrators who prepare documents for submission by a company to win contracts or apply for funding.

Why use a bid writer?

Bid writing can be a difficult and time consuming task. The response process requires effective communication, writing skills, immense attention to detail and a big commitment of time and energy. Bids and tenders can be highly valuable and therefore too great a risk for your company to put on the desk of someone already drowning in their usual day to day work.

Outsourcing your bid writing requirements and using a specialised bid writing company can alleviate the stresses of completing complicated and intricate tenders. Using outsourced Bid Writing Services to prepare and submit a bid can immensely improve your Company’s potential in winning the contract while leaving your team to focus on their day to day duties.

What do you get?

Experienced Bid Professionals are flexible in their approach, knowing that every bid and tender can vary in requirements. They are commercially focussed and understand the operations which impact businesses. Their expertise and experience at working on bids means they can work quickly through large quantities of client documentation to establish the required response format and information. The experience of a Bid Professional in navigating complicated online tender submission portals can also prove to be a worthwhile investment.

Bid Writing Services may vary in what they offer from a simple proof reading service to a full project management service. Be sure to understand clearly what responsibilities each party will hold before signing up. Your Bid Writer/Manager should be able to clarify services quoted with you if this isn’t clear on the quotation.

If you would like to consider outsourcing your bid writing requirements, why not Contact us on 01908 382414 or via email and find out how we can alleviate your bid writing stresses.

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