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Define Success; Achieve Success

The definition of success and achievement is different for everyone, what is success in your world? Most people’s conventional ideas of success are, achieving independence, attaining power or position, or amassing wealth but this is not true for everyone, achieving these goals can often leave people without the feeling of success and leave them feeling unhappy and unfulfilled.

Figuring out what's truly important to you, and filtering out the influence of traditional concepts of success, is the first step to creating a goal structure and ultimately forging a path to that success. Don’t be led by competition or concern yourself about what others are doing as this can make you feel as though you’re failing, we all define success differently.

Most of us see success in our working roles, although this can make us feel valued it can often also make us feel fatigued and can make you feel more vulnerable to failure in the future. The definition of success isn’t always to do with your work life or monetary success, although money will often help you to get where you want to be, it doesn’t always leave you feeling that you’ve achieved personal success.

Helping others succeed and being involved in something you care about can often be another definition of achievement and success, feeling that you’re helping others to achieve something that’s important to them can make you feel successful and that you’ve helped in accomplishing someone else’s aspirations.

Some of the most conventionally "successful" people in the world are still struggling to figure out what's really important to them. Figuring out what your definition of success early on is the best way to create goals that will result in true satisfaction--not just money or power.

Understanding what really satisfies you is key.

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