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Role of Social Dynamics & Communication in Winning more Work

Social Dynamics and Communications are vital when running a business, communicating with customers and adapting to personalities, requirements and communication methods are essential whether interacting with individuals or groups and are the key to business success. This is fundamental when writing Tender Responses and Proposals where you need to ensure you are communicating your message with the type of language and style which your customer will be able to understand and engage with.

In a world where forms of communication are altering constantly and customer behaviour is changing, businesses are having to adapt to new communication methods including the use of technology, innovation, social media, videos and even virtual reality. Our role at Bid & Tender Support is to support our Clients in identifying which of methods of communication to build into their Tender Submission, it may just be a clever combination of words and infographics but it could also be thinking completely out of the box on how to get across the added value and benefits of a service offering.

In our business we are continuously evolving our communications with Client Monthly Round Ups and sharing resources on Social Media. This week we are adding a Quick Quote facility on our website and later this year will see the launch of our Online Bid Training Resources and other support programmes. This has come from a need to evolve and improve how we offer our services to meet client needs.

Reacting and keeping customers happy is important and understanding that the changes in modern technology are the way forward and that it is imperative we adapt and use various forms of communication platforms to enable us to fulfil customer needs and create customer value.

Keep on top of how you communicate your message to Clients, build in time to review your current approach and work out how you can improve accessibility, engagement and understanding to improve your chances of success.

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